Township Lifestyle Tour

Explore Durban’s vibrant streets and local cultures with this INK Township half-day tour. Discover Emahawini and BigBox, showcasing the vibrant art community and emerging artists. Enjoy a gastronomic adventure at a shisanyama, savoring local fare and traditional South African pap. This half-day tour offers an unforgettable experience, showcasing the zest, creativity, and tastes of Durban’s unique metropolis. Secure your spot today for an unforgettable experience.



Set out on an exploration of Durban's lively avenues and plunge into the heart of local customs with our bespoke INK Township Half-Day Excursion. This tour is indispensable for anyone eager to delve into the genuine heartbeat of Durban's daily life and comes loaded with captivating experiences that are sure to forge enduring impressions.

Navigate the energetic township and let yourself be drawn in by the animated Bester Market, the magical Emahawini, and the effervescent BigBox. These cultural epicenters pulse with the local art community's vibrancy, exhibiting the remarkable skills of emerging artists and fashion designers from the area. During this visit, seize the chance to unearth distinctive fashion treasures that capture the essence and flair of Durban.

Your exploration culminates in a gastronomic adventure, as we steer you to a shisanyama of your preference. Relish the genuine tastes of the region's fare as you enjoy juicy meats perfectly barbecued on open fires. Complemented by the traditional South African favorite, pap, this culinary experience offers an ideal opportunity to engage with locals and sample the authentic flavor of township culture.

Embark on a half-day escapade you won't forget and carry a slice of Durban's exuberant culture back with you. Secure your spot on the INK Township Tour today and brace yourself for an escapade that encapsulates the zest, creativity, and tastes of this unique metro.



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