Arts & Culture Tour

The Ekhaya Multi-Arts Centre is a vibrant arts center that showcases creativity through recording studios, theater hall, and dance studios. Visit INK Crafters, where intricate creations are showcased, and Mama Mtshali’s home for handcrafted treasures. The Wushwinin Arts Center, located in the Kwa-Ngcolosi mountains, offers performing arts with stunning views of the Inanda Dam and a variety of African cuisines at its on-site bar and kitchen.



Embark on an inspiring tour with our first destination at the Ekhaya Multi-Arts Centre, a versatile arts center that celebrates creativity through its extensive offerings. Here, you can explore a variety of artistic expressions housed within our state-of-the-art recording studios, intimate theater hall, and vibrant dance studio, all designed to bring performances to life.

As an integral component of this cultural expedition, we delight in guiding you to the heart of craftsmanship at INK Crafters. Scattered across the INK region, these crafters invite you into their world of intricate creations. Also, step into the welcoming home of Mama Mtshali, where a treasure trove of handcrafted wonders awaits, offering you a unique opportunity to take home a piece of our culture.

Concluding your cultural odyssey is the Wushwinin Arts Center, a sanctuary for the performing arts nestled in the serene Kwa-Ngcolosi mountains. Here, the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Inanda Dam enhances your experience as you revel in captivating stage performances and spirited dances. Complement your visit with a taste of tradition at our on-site bar and kitchen, where we proudly serve an array of delectable African cuisines.