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Experience South Africa’s rich history with the Inanda Heritage Tour, visiting the Ohlange Institute, the birthplace of leadership, and the Mahatma Gandhi Settlement. Visit Dr. JL Dube’s Ohlange Institute, where Nelson Mandela cast his inaugural vote in 1994. Explore the Gandhi Settlement, where Gandhi’s philosophy of satyagraha was nurtured. Finally, visit the Inanda Seminary, the first secondary school for African women and one of the continent’s longest-standing educational institutions. Book your place in history today and witness the landmarks that have shaped a nation’s destiny.



Immerse yourself in the heart of South Africa's rich history with our exclusive Inanda Heritage Tour. Journey through the tapestry of time in one of the nation's most historically significant destinations.

Ohlange Institute: The Birthplace of Leadership
Your adventure begins at the Ohlange Institute, an emblem of South African heritage, established by the visionary Dr. JL Dube in 1900. Stand in the very place where Dr. Dube, the inaugural president of the African National Congress, shaped the future of a nation. Experience a pivotal moment in history as you visit the same location where Nelson Mandela marked a new era, casting his inaugural vote in the first democratic election of 1994.

Gandhi Settlement: The Grounds of Nonviolent Revolution
The tour continues as we explore the Mahatma Gandhi Settlement, a site of profound historical impact founded in 1904. Walk the paths Gandhi once trod and delve into the origins of his transformative philosophy of satyagraha – the pursuit of truth through nonviolent resistance – which he nurtured during his time in Inanda.

Inanda Seminary: The Pioneering Institute for African Women
Conclude your heritage excursion with a visit to the Inanda Seminary. As the first secondary school for African women and one of the continent's longest-standing educational institutions, established in 1869 by American missionaries, the seminary is a testament to the enduring spirit of empowerment and education.

Join us on the Inanda Heritage Tour and connect with the storied past of South Africa. Book your place in history today, and witness the landmarks that have shaped a nation's destiny.


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