Hidden Gems: Inanda Mountain, Umzinyathi Waterfall & Rasta Caves.

Matata Mountain

About a 30-minute drive from Duran central is Inanda Mountain, an epic spot with cliffs plummeting down to the shores of Inanda Dam. The views are simply staggering, arguably the best outlook anywhere in Durban. The top of Inanda Mountain is also an amazing bird watching site, especially in the late morning when birds of prey catch the thermals off the cliff face and glide up right in front of you. This is the sort of place you can just sit and look and look and look.

Umzinyathi Waterfall and Rastafarians Cave

This cave and waterfall is a place of many activities for a tourist who wants to have an outdoor adventure and fulfill his or her spiritually needs in one trip. On the same cave lives a small but highly spiritually community of Rastafarian and they believe the cave is a place of healing. A visit to the cave allows one to be taught about the importance of the cave by the Rastafarian community. Because of spiritual importance to several people and religions, the same cave and waterfall are also used by the influential Shembe church for annual baptism ritual.