Woza eNanda heritage Route: Ohalnge Institute, Inanda Seminary, Gandhi Settelement & Shembe Church

Ohlange Institute

When in Durban, KZN you have to visit Ohlange Institute, the school founded in 1901 by the founding President of the African National Congress, Dr John LangalibaleleDube.

The importance of this institution which was started by Dube was to equip black people with technical skills and would later compel Nelson Mandela, the globally acclaimed freedom fighter and South Africa’s first democratically elected president, to vote there in April 27, 1994 when the country held its first all-races elections. 

Dr John Langalibalele Dube was also the founder of the first Zulu newspaper in 1903 called Ilanga laseNatali.

Inanda Seminary

Inanda Seminary is a unique and historic school for girls that has produced pupils who would later become prominent citizens like the country’s first women deputy president, PhumzileMlambo-Ngcuka & others who have gone into the world exemplifying the school’s motto of “Shine where you are”.

Inanda Seminary is an Independent Christian boarding school for girls founded by American missionaries in 1869

Gandhi Settlement

Gandhi settlement is named after passive resistance Indian freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi. Here Gandhi printed his newspaper while living side by side with Africans. The paper was first printed in Durban in 1903 and in 1904 the operations were moved to Phoenix Settlement.

The settlement had two other important functions besides the printing of the press, it also offered communal living and promoted self-sufficiency through food gardens. The place also provided Accommodation, food, and education to the families of those who were participating in the Satyagraha campaigns.

Shembe Church

Nazareth Baptist Church – commonly known as the Shembe Church is one of the largest traditional African churches in Africa, drawing members not only from South Africa, but also neighbouring countries like Swaziland and Lesotho. The church’s first headquarters is found along the M25.  

The Church was founded in 1910 by Prophet Isaiah Shembe. Prophet Shembe was born in 1865, at Ntabamhlophe (Escort Area) in the Drakensberg region of Natal. He was of pure Zulu descent.