The Route that offers

Think about having all the tourist attractions you can think of, just on one route. From having politically rich and historical attractions to natural beauty in undisturbed rural areas to nightlife and outdoor adventure and the globally revered Zulu culture. The route that offers that is Woza eNanda in the northern part of the city of Durban. Starting from M25 below the N2 freeway, the route includes attractions from KwaMashu, through to Inanda township and the peri-urban areas of Mzinyathi, Ntuzuma, and Lindelani.

Unique Experiences

Are you looking for unique Experiences? then this is an ideal route for you. When visiting this Route you will learn about the daily lives of the locals, know more about the country`s history and get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world-famous Zulu culture.

Why you should visit

Because our people are the warmest, the place is easily Accessible, We have great weather all year round, affordability and lastly because of unique community-based experiences.


Our People Are Warm and welcoming. They are always ready to mingle with visitors and share the best and most intriguing stories about the area. Your visit will definitely be memorable because of your interactions with the locals.

Unique Experiences

If you are looking for unique experiences or a unique route, and want to be adventurous, then the Northern part of Durban is your best bet. The place has some of the best-hidden gems in the Country like the Rasta caves at Umzinyathi Waterfall.


INK area in the Northern side of Durban is easily accessible by different modes of transport. INK is just 33 kilometers away from King Shaka international airport. Once on land, you can choose either public Transport (Bus or Rail) or private tour operators to move around. Our road networks are in a good state and improvements on them are still continuing too.

Great Weather

Weather is one of our best features, those who have visited Durban (Inanda, Ntuzuma & KwaMashu) and stayed in our establishments can attest to that. And being 30 kilometers from the beach means our visitors can go for a swim for almost 10 months of the year. We truly do live up to the Destination`s payoff line of “The Warmest palace to be”

Best Deals

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Guesthouses, B&B`s, Lodges and Home stay options are what we have available for you to choose form.